What is The Best VPN for FireStick in 2020?

Last updated on: May 2nd, 2020
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Which VPN is the best for Amazon Fire Stick TV? And how to set it up?

Amazon Firestick has become a successful, outstanding plug-and-play device that provides your TV with an amazing video streaming experience. Fire TV Stick system offers excellent streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. Still, your geo-location plays a key role. Meaning that video experience can be directly affected by your location. 

These geological restrictions can be bypassed by using a reliable VPN for Firestick. A Virtual Private Network changes the IP address of your device. So your location will be shown according to the selected server of the VPN service. It will allow you to stream the content from other countries.

Apart from changing the IP address of your device, a VPN also provides you an additional wall of security against the hackers.

When selecting a VPN, extra care is needed – no one wants to spend too much on a VPN. There are hundreds of VPNs available. Yet finding the right one for the Firestick may be a challenge.

In my search for the best VPNs for Fire TV and Firestick, I have installed several VPNs. After a couple of tests, I have made a list of the top 5 best VPNs for Firestick. Keep scrolling to catch more.

Why do you need a VPN with Firestick and FireTV?

A VPN is used for getting an extra layer of security and privacy against the data packet sniffers. But you may consider them a waste of money. The following are some reasons for getting improved and safe online surfing through a VPN.

Bypass the Government Surveillance 

Your Government is monitoring the online activities of all the citizens. All the search queries, visited websites, and online interests are being tracked. The major reason behind that surveillance is national security. Third-parties are also involved in this surveillance.

None of us is willing to disclose each and move as it is really uncomfortable.

A VPN masks your online activities through the encryption. It uses the specified tunnels between your traffic and the VPN servers. No prying eyes can monitor your online activities through this encryption and tunneling.

Security and privacy

Cord-cutting is to download the torrent content from multiple sources. And most of these sources do not officially allow you to download the copyrighted content. In case of downloading that content, one can get into serious trouble as it is also against the law. 

Moreover, your Internet Service Providers also keep an eye on your browsing history.

A VPN will change your IP address, and the copyright agencies will not be able to find your location or ID. You will be completely invisible and anonymous while surfing the internet.

 Avoid Censorship 

Many authority systems and countries regulate the full access of the Internet to their users. In these areas, cord-cutting is severely hampered, as video services may be limited, or the Network may well not be fully available.

These countries include China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc. Many states have banned Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and International news websites. If you are planning of traveling to any of these countries and you have the Fire TV or Firestick devices, you will not be able to access these websites without a VPN.

NOTE: Using a VPN in some countries is prohibited. We do not recommend you to start using a VPN in such countries. It is recommended to do your research regarding the use of a VPN before visiting any country.

ISP Throttling 

Throttling is actually limiting the bandwidth, and when the Internet Service Providers find the online streaming services, they throttle your bandwidth. The main reason behind that throttling is to eliminate the competition.

We know that most of the users access the internet during peak hours, and the internet is congested at that time. So the different online streaming services offer some advantages to ISPs for acquiring the premium service for their users. If they will get higher bandwidth, the bandwidth of other services is throttled or limited in peak hours. You may have faced the lagging, buffering, and low-quality stream in the peak hours.

Using a VPN is a simple solution to this throttling. A VPN will encrypt your traffic, and your ISP may not be able to find out if you are streaming, so your bandwidth will not be throttled.

How to select a VPN, and What should be the Criteria?

Before using any VPN, always find out the offered services and features. We have shared the following criteria for selecting a VPN for Fires TV stick and Amazon Fire TV.

  1. For the easy installation, the VPN app must be available on the official app stores of Android and Fire TV with a direct download link.
  2. The VPN app should provide a fast streaming speed.
  3. The file size should be small, and the performance should be best.
  4. Ability to bypass the geo-restricted video streaming services like Hulu and Netflix

Best VPN for Firestick 

We have enlisted the top 5 best VPNs for Firestick.

  1. Express VPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. IPVanish
  4. Surfshark
  5. CyberGhost

ExpressVPN – Best VPN for FireStick

expressvpn is the best vpn for amazon firestick
#1 VPN for Amazon Fire TV Stick

Price: $12.95/Month

Multiple logins: 5

Express VPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee without any questions.

Express VPN is overall the best VPN for Amazon Firestick. With around 3000 servers from 96 countries, it has a huge system that is spread globally. An amazing 24/7 customer support, high encryption, and unlimited streaming seed are the main features of this Virtual Private Network.

Express VPPN is specifically designed to provide reliable performance to the Firestick users. It bypasses your geological restriction and offers unlimited video streaming.

Express VPN has never compromised on the security and privacy of its users and several tests have been conducted to find the encryption, and it has been proved that it’s 256-bit AES encryption is the most secure encryption. 

Express VPN is following the Zero-users record policy according to which no data of the user is kept saved, and when the users log out of the accounts, the logs of internet activity are deleted.

The most advanced features of Express VPN include killing switch and the Domain Name Server leak protection, which protects from DNS attacks.


  • Express VPN offers fast speed internet connection for streaming HD videos
  • More than 3000 servers offer the global server coverage
  • Multi-level encryption offers top-rated security and privacy
  • All the major streaming services work perfectly with this VPN
  • Express VPN works perfectly with Kodi and other apps


  • It only 3 simultaneous connections at a time
  • The price per month is higher than other services


ip vanish vpn for firestick

Price: $3.25/ month

Multi-logins: 10

IPVanish is offering a 7-Day money-back guarantee.

Don’t you think connecting 10 different devices at the same time is a great feature? A single subscription allows you to establish 10 connections simultaneously.

With over 1300 servers from 75 server locations, IPVanish is among the top 5 best VPNs for Firestick and provides with a reliable internet connection.

The unlimited data and bandwidth for streaming the HD videos make it a favorite app among the users of Kodi. Blocked content from all around the world can be accessed with a few clicks because of a huge network of servers.

IPVanish is an amazing app that works perfectly with the Fire TV and Fire TV remote. It is available on the Amazon App Store and can be installed with a few clicks. 

It doesn’t save the record of the user’s data, and after each logout, the complete data is deleted. The 256-bit AES for the encryption provides top-rated security and privacy.

You get high-speed internet connectivity with optimized servers. IPVanish enables you to access streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. Users are also allowed to access the U.S. libraries.


  • There is a feature of automatically switching an IP
  • There is no restriction on data usage and provides unlimited bandwidth
  • IPVanish provides unlimited peer-to-peer traffic
  • It has self-operated servers


  • IPVanish doesn’t give an option for private payment
  • There is a free trial for only 7 days

Surfshark – budget FireStick VPN

surfshark firestick

Price: $1.99/month

Multi-logins: 100

Surfshark has a CleanWeb feature through which you don’t have to deal with annoying ads, malware, and trackers. 

Connecting 100 connections with a single device isn’t actually getting unlimited connections with a single subscription?

With 1040 servers from 61 different server locations, Surfshark is providing a highly encrypted connection for its users. Fast and reliable speed offers amazing streaming. 

Surfshark can give you easy access to iPlayer, Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming services for Amazon devices.

It also has a 256-bit AES encryption for the traffic, which makes it non-vulnerable to all the online attacks and ensures that all of your online searches, interests, and activities on Firestick are highly protected. 

Surfshark also has a no-logs policy and DNS leak protection. The well-optimized servers provide a seamless, no-lag streaming experience, and there are no geo-restrictions. It also has a Multihop feature with a kill switch.


  • Highly optimized servers offer an exceptional streaming experience
  • A vast network of servers bypasses the geo-restrictions
  • It is cheap
  • Reliable security and privacy credentials


  • You may find a few servers slower than others
  • It has comparatively fewer servers


cyberghost firestick vpn

Price: $2.75/ month

Multi-logins: 7

It is offering a free trial, and there is a 45-Day money-back guarantee.

Romanian VPN is available on the app store of Amazon and can be downloaded within a few minutes.

CyberGhost has a vast network of around 6000 servers from more than 90 countries, and it is providing a strong 256-bit encryption. 

CyberGhost VPN has a simple and easy user-interface, which makes it easy to use the app even for those who are using it for the first time. There are different protocols and DNS leak protection, which makes it a reliable and trusted VPN for Firestick.

6000 highly optimized servers are providing a high-speed connection to all the users, and it also has a 24/7 live chat support.

The main features of CyberGhost include a secure P2P connection, overcome the geo-restrictions and unblock the streaming services Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix.

This app is providing not only a single protocol but there are many VPN protocols for high performance and security.

CyberGhost accepts Bitcoin for the subscription payment and it also has a no-log policy.

CyberGhost supports all the major device platforms, and you can connect 7 different devices with a single subscription.


  • Fast connection speed
  • Easy and simple user-interface
  • It is comparatively cheap
  • Supports the torrent content


  • Not good for the users of China
  • Server coverage needs to be improved


Get the best Amazon Firestick experience by selecting a VPN which fulfills all your requirement and provides the top-rated service. Choosing a VPN doesn’t only involve the price and multiple connections at a time, but the terms and policies of a VPN also play the key role. Make sure that your VPN is providing the maximum bandwidth, unlimited data, and the high connection speed on your Amazon Firestick.  

We have enlisted these best VPNs for Firestick and TV after a lot of tests and research. Feel free to let us know your views and queries related to VPNs in the comment section. We love to hear from you.

Top 3 VPN's
  1. NordVPN ($3.49/mo)
  2. Surfshark ($1.99/mo)
  3. ExpressVPN ($8.32/mo)
VPNs that don't have Firestick apps
  • Avast SecureLine
  • Avira Phantom VPN
  • Norton Secure VPN
  • TunnelBear
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