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trust zone review
Trust Zone VPN

In our Trust Zone VPN review, we are going to quickly run through the pros and cons of the product. We’ll also overview features, run some speed tests and will provide you some background and as well as all you need to know information about this specific provider. 

Overall, we think that Trust Zone is a decent and affordable VPN service. It has all the main features that you can expect, however, we don’t think that it can compete with the top brands such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN. At least for now.

About the company

So to begin with, before reviewing any of the VPN providers we first take a look at where the company is actually based. In Trust Zone’s case, the VPN provider receives payments in Tallinn, Estonia (north of Europe), but is officially based in Seychelles. Is it trustworthy, you’d ask? Well, depends on why you are using a VPN.

As we mentioned in our previous reviews, the first thing you should look at is their location. We already wrote a deep guide about the 5/9/14 Eyes Surveillance Alliance, so look for a provider that is not based in one of those countries.

As Trust Zone is based in Seychelles (the country is super nice in terms of internet laws), there are very low chances of logging activities. We did not found any of the proof or scandals, so we marked Trust Zone as a safe-to-use service. 

Trust Zone quick overview

Overall position12th
Logging policies?No log
Encryption protocolsIPSec & IKEv2, 256-bit AES/OpenVPN, L2TP 
Customer supportEmail, social media, contact form
Unblocks US Netflix?Yes, some of the servers.
Money back guarantee?10
Option to pay with cryptocurrencies?No
Cost$2.88 to $8.88/mo


Unfortunately, Trust Zone does not offer any fancy features as the main players of the industry. However, we think that it is a basic, but nice VPN service which will definitely do the work and fulfill your needs.

One of the things that we really really missed is that Trust Zone does not offer iOs/macOS clients. The service can only be used on Windows (XP and above) and Android (4.4 & up). That is really a con that did not allow Trust Zone to step into our TOP10. 
What we liked is that Trust Zone declares not to log any kind of user data and this is a quote from their website:

Trust.Zone VPN doesn’t track customers. We don’t store any logs. We don’t ask for your name or personal details. Just email to sign up. Trust.Zone is located under Seychelles jurisdiction, outside 14 Eyes Countries, which is very friendly to Internet users.” quote

It is up to you to believe that or not, but usually, companies spend lots of time and resources to move their business off-shore in order to gain trust from potential clients.

Trust Zone offers “Kill switch” as one of its features. We already explained what a “Kill switch” is in our NordVPN review, but this feature simply kills the internet connection if the VPN connection drops. In other words – it does not expose your browsing info in case of an emergency.  

Customer support

What we actually did not like that much is the Trust Zone customer support. There are basically three options of how you can get assistance in case something is not working: email, social media & contact form. We’ve tried to contact their customer support via email & contact form and it took around 1-day to receive our answers.

We did not use social media to contact the provider mostly because of privacy reasons, but we expect that users should receive their answers way faster there.

Did you ever try contacting Trust Zone through social media? Send us your feedback at [email protected]!

Servers & locations

It is important to have a good server and location infrastructure if you want the VPN app to run smoothly. In Trust Zone’s case, they do offer a big variety of different locations, but not so many servers, unfortunately. This is, of course, related to the overall user base that the provider has.

Trust Zone has 156 servers in 88 countries around the globe.

trust zone servers
Trust Zone server infrastructure

A great thing is that you can choose between several locations in some of the countries like the US, Australia or Canada.

Trust Zone pricing

Trust Zone offers a big variety of plans to choose from. It is worth to mention that the provider offers a free trial for three days or up to 1GB. During your trial, you will get access to 128 locations Worldwide. Of course, a 1GB limit is kind of low but you will probably have enough time to find out how good or bad the service is.

Trust Zone is clearly an affordable service, as their pricing varies from $2.88 to $8.88. It is worth to mention that the simultaneous connection amount also depends on what kind of plan you have purchased, e.g.: the 1-year plan will only allow you to have 3 simultaneous connections, while their longest 2-year will allow you to connect 5 devices at once.

The amount of accessible servers does not depend on your plan. It also does not matter of which plan you purchase, as there are no bandwidth limits.


As we already mentioned, Trust Zone seems like a very simple, easy to use and reliable VPN provider. Of course, it lacks lots of features and even client apps, but we think that it could be a very affordable and good option if you are looking for a no-log VPN provider to stream your favorite movies or download torrents.

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