Putlocker is not safe – here’s how to change that

putlocker alternatives
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putlocker vpn
Putlocker is not safe anymore

Putlocker is a website well known for its huge pirated video content library. The website was founded in the UK and first, it had putlocker.com as a domain. At first, it was a simple illegal movie streaming website, but everything changed in 2012 when Megaupload was taken down. According to similarweb.com, Putlocker’s traffic increased double (from 800k visits/day to 1.6M/day) and then it became a true rockstar in the piracy world. However, Putlocker and its alternatives are not safe to use and slightly below we will reveal to you why.

To continue our short history lesson, in the same year (2012), Alfred Perry (VC for content production @Paramount Pictures) said that “Putlocker is a TOP 5 rogue cyberlocker services). Then the website gained lots of attention from the police and the cat&mouse chase started. The website was taken down a few times and domains are changed pretty often.

Putlocker alternatives in 2020:


Is Putlocker safe to use?

It isn’t unless you know how to protect yourself. As you probably know, sites as Putlocker are illegal because most of the content stored there is pirated or stolen. Depending on where you are really based, you can get yourself into big trouble legally. Many countries have specific laws and fines for illegally streamed/downloaded or even searched content. For example, there are laws in such countries as the US, Australia, UK, Russia where torrenting and streaming are completely illegal. You can receive $150k fines per file or even imprisonment time and that is true.

Also, please don’t forget a fact that sites like Putlocker are often used for phishing/scam activities. Some of the sites start downloads automatically and you can receive malware without even a notice. That would not only put your anonymity in danger, but you would risk your computer and personal information as well.

Anyways, let’s talk about legal stuff. Here is a small breakdown of possible consequences what can happen if you are caught illegally streaming content:

Germany: Fines are up to $1500. One of the most popular and recent cases in Germany involved a 33-year-old operator who was leading a torrent site. The man was sentenced to 46 months in prison a few years ago.

United Kingdom: The penalties can be up to £5,000 or six months in jail. Recently a man was sentenced to 12 months in prison for illegally sharing 40 songs.

The USA: “internet pirates” may have to spend up to five years in jail or pay up to US$150,000 per file or both. That is a lot, right? A person who illegally downloaded 24 songs received a huge fine of $220k.

How to watch Putlocker and still stay safe?

Simply don’t! Of course, we are just kidding, but that could be the only solution if you are not willing to take extra steps to protect your online identity. There is specific software you must use if you want to stay anonymous and watch your favorite content for free and it is called a VPN (a virtual private network).

Here are the best VPN providers for Putlocker according to vpnroom.com experts:

1. Surfshark – best for Putlocker (only $1.99/mo)
2. NordVPN
3. ExpressVPN

VPNs were created to help people avoid geo-restriction and to protect their online identity. On top of that, here are the main features that a VPN app gives:


The VPN connection secures your data by encrypting it. For instance, if you were to make an online purchase using a public WiFi connection, your credit card details would be out there in the open for any party that wants to peak at it.


This point connects closely with the issue of security. When your data is encrypted, it makes it difficult for others to trace it back to you. Even though VPNs cannot make you completely anonymous, they still provide anonymity to an extent. Through this, only you and your server will be aware of what you are searching for or streaming online.

Virtual Location

A VPN server gives you a virtual location as it connects to the website on your behalf from its location. This can work to your benefit, especially when it comes to streaming movies and TV shows. 

If there’s a geo-restriction on a Netflix show that you’ve been wanting to watch, all you have to do is change your server location to a location where the movie is accessible and refresh. You can just relax and enjoy your show with some popcorn, without worrying about the traceability of your IP address.

Are VPNs legal?

It is legal. Speaking in terms of the law, VPN is still relatively new. This means the laws and policies established regarding the matter may be vague and can be perceived in different ways.

In most western countries, the use of a VPN is legal. On the other hand, countries that wish to maintain a strict hold on their citizens often ban the use of VPNs. This allows them to regulate the online activity of their citizens.

Best VPN providers for Putlocker


surfshark review vpnroom
Surfshark is a perfect option for Putlocker

Although Surfshark is a VPN market newcomer (founded in 2018), it truly is a premium service for a very good price. In our opinion, it is a great budget deal for people who want to watch Putlocker or unblock any of the legal streaming services like Netflix, iBBC player or Amazon Prime.

Their variety of servers and countries (800 servers in 50 countries) is a little bit poor at the moment. We believe that the number of different locations will soon improve.

Surfshark is working on every popular device and OS: Windows, macOS, iOs, Android, Linux and, of course, Android TV.

Surfshark is 100% worth the price. It is way cheaper than the biggest players such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN, but it does not yield any features. Great customer support, nice speeds and decent service which allows you to enjoy all the content you want.


nordvpn vpnroom
NordVPN is our #1 rated service overall

Rated #1 overall, NordVPN is our second option for Putlocker and its alternatives simply because of the pricing. With its extremely good server infrastructure and quality of the service, you are able to stream any content you like.

NordVPN is compatible with a huge variety of operating systems and devices: Windows (from Windows 7 and up), macOS, iOs, Android and Linux. While connected to NordVPN, you can use Double VPN or Onion over VPN features. Onion over VPN gives you all the advantages of The Onion Router combined with the extra security of a VPN tunnel. Double VPN simply means that your internet connection and history goes through two different servers. However, if you are willing to use “Double VPN” feature you will not be able to watch any preferred content – it will simply lag.


expressvpn review vpnroom
ExpressVPN is definitely a TOP3 VPN provider

ExpressVPN does allow torrenting and offers users complete privacy with their no-logging policies. On top of that, ExpressVPN has a huge variety of US servers (94 different locations Worldwide) so you will be able to see any library you prefer.

It is also worth to mention that ExpressVPN is currently the fastest VPN in the market. That will allow you to stream and enjoy any content without lag or buffering, which is super important when you pay such price (starting $6.67/mo).

Top 3 VPN's
  1. NordVPN ($3.49/mo)
  2. Surfshark ($1.99/mo)
  3. ExpressVPN ($8.32/mo)
Safe Putlocker Alternatives
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