Perfect Privacy Review – expensive, but not perfect

Last updated on: May 12th, 2020
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The internet is dependent on complex acronyms. Your ISP gives your computer an IP so you can have access to the DNS by using a URL that in turn uses the ICANN to let you watch some funny cat videos on YouTube. This is all complicated and the average user does not have to understand all this. However, it is vital for your online safety that you understand what a VPN is. This is where Perfect Privacy VPN comes in.

[add_schema name=”Perfect Privacy” price=”11.99″ rating=”4.1″]

Private privacy VPN is a Swiss-founded VPN that was developed by Vectura Data management Limited and launched in 2014. It is a viable option for newcomers and experienced VPN users. This is because it has a simple interface that newcomers can quickly adapt to. On the other hand, experienced users will appreciate its ability to meet their higher demands. Here is a quick run-down of Perfect Privacy VPN

Overall position#5
Logging policies?No logs
Encryption protocols256-bit AES encryption
Customer supportLive support
Unblocks US Netflix?Yes
Money-back guarantee?7 days
Option to pay with cryptocurrencies?Yes

App download and installations

Let’s get Perfect Privacy VPN downloaded and start the in-depth review. This VPN is available on the most popular machines – Windows, Mac, and Android.

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At first glance, you would think that Perfect Privacy VPN offers all-round device compatibility. They offer various tutorials to set up a wide range of devices including Macs, Routers, iOS, Linux, IPTV, Smart TVs, gaming consoles, and Android. However, still, more can be done.

Sure they may have made apps for Androids and iOS devices but they have not taken into account things like setting up the Open VPN first before you can manually connect. They have achieved a lot but still, have a long way to go.

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Perfect-Privacy Mac App

Alright, it does not look very sexy (neither does Windows version). But if it works then fine, right?

VPNs are known for not working well. You expect the VPNs to just work when they are meant to. However, this is not always the case. Some VPNs such as SlickVPN and Azire (even Hotspot Shield) crashed multiple times while we were using them and generally took a long time to work. Compared to those VPNs, Perfect Privacy VPN is definitely better.

It is easy to use and minimalist VPN that newcomers can quickly adapt to. It lacks the flashy interface that comes with leading VPNs and instead employs an old school look. But let’s be honest you are not going to use a VPN because it has a good looking interface.

The private network also offers a killswitch. A killswitch is an automatic feature that kills access to the internet whenever the encrypted network goes down. This comes in three levels:

  • Permanently on – where it works even when the software is turned off.
  • On when tunneling- where it only operates when the VPN is working.
  • On when the program is running- where it is on when the software is operating.

This offers an added layer of security and privacy. It should be noted that there are some minor demerits to using this VPN nothing too serious. For instance, it takes a long period (30 seconds) to connect another server.

Encryption and security

This virtual private network mainly utilizes the OpenVPN protocol but it also comes with SSH and IPSec. That’s not all, it also equipped with PPTP and SOCKS5 proxies. This gives it a great foundation for security.

This protocol is mainly based on open-sourced private network technology. It utilizes SSL/TLS with an advanced 256-bit encryption system. What makes this one of the best protocols is the fact that it is open source. Therefore, millions of cybersecurity experts are always looking for ways to improve it. Its connection is mainly dependent on keys only found on either end of a transmission. It is an overall versatile protocol that is very secure. Consequently, even today’s supercomputers will still have a hard time cracking this protocol.

It also offers other protocols that can be useful somewhere else. For instance, the PPTP protocol is dated and can work with older computers.

Moving forward to security and DNS leaking…

Leaks are vulnerabilities that happen when your VPN fails to hide your IP. This can be detrimental as hiding your IP is a fundamental reason to use a VPN. Private privacy VPN excels here as it has provisions in place to prevent this from occurring. They even offer a test through there free IP check test. Here is what we found when we put this private network to the test. We used multiple sources (,,, and did not find any leaking!

Another area that Perfect Privacy excels is when it comes to a virus-free connection. This is a vital area to look at as other VPNs we have reviewed such as StrongVPN has produced 3 viruses inside their installation.

In general, Perfect Privacy VPN is trustworthy and is safe to use. There is no reason to pay for a cheaper VPN just to have malware injected to your computer during its installation or even worse get your information leaked.

Logging Policy

Logging policies are the logs that the VPN keeps. They are vital to look into as they affect the level of privacy and anonymity that the VPN provides. These logs may include IP addresses, user connectivity, connectivity timestamps, payment logs, and devices used. Logs of such information can put you at risk from hackers. Therefore, before choosing a VPN you have to go through there policies and determine what remains on their logs.

Unlike other companies that try to hide this Private privacy, VPN is very open when it comes to their Zero- logging policy. This factor alone makes this VPN compete with some of the top VPNs in the market.

Server Speeds Consistently Slow

There is no solid reason not to use a VPN. Sure a VPN has its downsides such as a slower internet connection. A slow internet connection is a little price to pay to prevent you from becoming a hacker’s next victim. However, there is no point in using a VPN if it compromises your daily activities making rendering them virtually impossible. Consequently, one of the most popular tests run on VPNs is the speed test.

We put it to the test and it performed okay but not as good as the top-ranked VPNs like NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

We began the test with an initial download speed of 108.71 Mbps and an upload of 62 Mbps 

When connected to the UK servers it the download speed dropped by to 52.21 Mbps while the upload dropped to 23.27Mbps

We also did a test on a US server. Again the download speed dropped to 29.68 Mbps while the upload dropped to 16.64 Mbps 

It signals that Perfect Privacy VPN does not have a strong infrastructure.


This private network only has 55+ serves to spread out 26 countries. If you compare this to the thousands of servers that top-ranked VPNs have you can easily see why this would be a demerit. There are a few issues that come with having a low number of servers. First of all less severs means more users fighting for the same resources.

This will cause some heavy traffic and at peeks, it would be almost impossible to use the servers as the speed would be terrible. Secondly, with limited choice on server locations, you may find yourself connected to a server that is close to you. This is a security risk as it makes it easier to track you down.

Netflix support

Some legal licensing issues can affect streaming services. Streaming services such as Netflix cuts across many countries offering shows from all over the world. A problem arises when a show’s rights are retained by a specific TV station that restricts the show’s distribution. In such cases, the streaming service may use a location filter to effectively block streaming of these shows. Using a VPN, one may disguise their location, therefore, bypassing these restrictions. In some cases, Perfect Privacy VPN may help you but this is not always going to be the case. We run a 5 quick sever test and only one worked. If you want to use a VPN for mainly Netflix then you would be better off looking at another option. 

Torrenting Allowed, But Limited

Torrenting is a special protocol used to transfer files and data over the internet. In modern times, it gets a lot of bad press as it is a means by which piracy is easily achieved. Piracy is illegal and costs the entertainment industry millions in damages. However, if you have the rights to the files then Torrenting becomes an efficient and legal way to transfer them. Perfect Privacy VPN only allows unlimited Torrenting to their premium dedicated servers. These servers turn out to be their most expensive ones. This is a demerit considering that other VPNs offer unlimited Torrenting at the same standard price.

Customer Support

This private network also outdoes itself when it comes to supporting and customer care. Support is offered through an FAQ, an email and forum sections. Unfortunately, it still does not offer a live chat section. This is not a problem as they tend to reply to emails fast.

We put the customer support email to the test and they responded rather fast in about 4 minutes. Unlike other systems that use annoying bots, this was a helpful and friendly person. We were able to have a quick back-and-forth and quickly found a solution to our problem.


In some legal situations, the VPN owners may be forced by a local court order to share records of your activities. Also, there can be international agreements to share this information between countries. Perfect Privacy VPN is such a company. Switzerland may enjoy one of the world’s friendliest privacy-friendly but they cooperate with the Five Eyes security alliance when and if required. If you are not doing anything illegal then you have nothing to worry about. However, if you are committing a crime then this is not the VPN for you. Granted the chance of your information being leaked to the Five Eyes security alliance is low but it is still a chance that you should not take. 

Pricing and payment options

This Perfect Privacy VPN has multiple payment options. Here is a quick look at the three most popular:

There is the option of paying 12.99$ a month. This is actually the most expensive option as it has no discount. But it’s a monthly plan.

There is the most popular option where you pay 119$ for a whole year. This comes with a 23% discount.

Finally, you may choose the more costly 214$ for a 2-year option. In a real sense, this ends up being the cheapest option as it has a 31% discount.

perfectprivacy pricing
Perfect Privacy pricing

As of payment options, this VPN is versatile. You can use a variety of payment options such as the standard PayPal, Mobiamo, Bitcoin, Mastercard, Visa, Union Pay, and Amex. Also, if you are feeling like going a bit old- school and want to remain completely under the radar you can also send cash to a remote address in Latvia. They have a 7-day money-back guarantee expect if you pay with cash or bitcoin


If I was asked to recommend this VPN, I would highly suggest you take the pros and cons:

In summary, the pros are:

  • It has a working Kill-Switch
  • It allows Torrenting
  • It has no loggings
  • It is easy to use
  • It leak and virus free

On the other hand, its cons are:

  • It is one of the more expensive providers. This has mainly been attributed to exchange rates.
  • It barely supports Netflix and you have to pay a premium for Torrenting.
  • It is also a headache setting up connections outside Linux and Microsoft.

Again, to be completely honest, my suggestion is to have a look at multiple VPN reviews that we’ve done already.

  • Tons of extra security features
  • Safe jurisdiction
  • Reliable
  • Very few servers
  • A low number of countries
  • Old App design
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