NordVPN vs. Cyberghost – which one is really better?

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NordVPN vs cyberghost which one is better
Cyberghost is often compared to NordVPN

NordVPN and Cyberghost are often compared with each other. Both services are quite known in the VPN industry, they both have a good brand image and a huge userbase. However, are they both the same tier providers? In this NordVPN vs Cyberghost comparison article, we will try to compare these both services and reveal which one is a better choice in terms of privacy, speeds, pricing, and other features. team did deep research regarding both VPN providers to give you the most honest and unbiased answers.

Before moving forward into our NordVPN and Cyberghost comparison, here is a short criteria background of what we paid attention to while testing these both VPN providers:

Overall Features
Jurisdiction (where the provider is based)
Speed & connection stability
Torrenting (does it allow/disallow torrenting)
Streaming (does it unblock various streaming services?)
Customer support
Pricing, payment options & refund policies

That is it – the introduction is done. Continue reading to find out which VPN provider is better in terms of these criteria.

Overall features

Being honest – both VPN providers have some really nice features to offer. Even if you are just a beginner VPN user, you’ll find some useful features.

We would like to begin with NordVPN, as the VPN provider has quite a few nice features to offer.

First of all, NordVPN is only one of a few VPN providers that offer a“Double VPN” feature. Double VPN simply means that your connection goes through two different servers instead of one. This feature is often recognized as “VPN server chaining”, but NordVPN named it as a “Double VPN” feature. Why is it useful? Well, if you are an extremely privacy orientated VPN user, it gives you double encryption and almost lowers the chances to be traced to 0%. We say almost because there is no VPN provider that is 100% secure and safe. You always have to be self-conscious and use your common sense before doing anything online. In other words – no one will be able to protect you if you act carelessly.

Best pros of the “Double VPN” feature:

Double encryption. It means that your internet browsing history is hidden under an extra layer of security.
Enhanced security. With the “Double VPN” feature, your connections are mixed within various security protocols. More info about that can be found here.
IP Protection. Your actual IP address was changed by the first VPN server within the connection, but the second server doesn’t have any information about you at all.

Another feature that NordVPN has is Onion over the VPN feature. This is a great feature for a very privacy concerned user. Of course, it decreases the connection speeds, but it is a very nice thing to have if you are a privacy-oriented geek.

Speaking about Cyberghost, it does not have such strong privacy-oriented features. Actually, there were two features that we found super interesting to use in every-day life: dedicated IP address and ad-blocker feature. Unfortunately, these features do not do their job all the time.

Dedicated IP address: by default, you can choose between more than 6000 servers if you are a regular Cyberghost user. However, you can pay a little bit extra in order to receive an encrypted and dedicated IP address just for yourself. Why would you want a dedicated IP address? Well, simple: you often share the same IP address while being on the same server as other VPN service users. This often leads to a blacklist in various streaming or search platforms, your browsing is often interrupted by captchas and so on. While having a dedicated IP address, you will be sure that you are the only one that is using that specific connection.

By the way, it is worth to mention that you would have to pay extra for that! The price is $5 per IP address and you can add that feature before doing your payment.

Another thing that we found interesting was the ad-blocker feature. However, we were quite disappointed with the functionality of the ad-blocker feature. As most of the sites now use the HTTPS encryption protocols and nobody is using HTTPS, the feature becomes useless as it does not block any annoying ads.

To conclude NordVPN and Cyberghost features, we will give a point to Nord simply because of NordVPN features are perfectly doing its job without any extra effort.

NordVPN 1:0 Cyberghost


Before exploring any VPN provider or its features, it is important to find out where the VPN provider is based first. If you haven’t seen or known, we have a complete guide to 5/9/15-Eyes Surveillance Alliances, so you’d probably want to check that out in order just to be aware of what that means.

Comparing NordVPN vs Cyberghost, there is nothing much to see. The same as in our ExpressVPN vs. NordVPN review, both of the compared providers are based outside the 5/9/14-Eyes Surveillance Alliance countries, so they can be completely calm regarding the jurisdiction. Cyberghost is based in Romania and NordVPN is registered in Panama.

The good thing with Romania and Panama is that none of these countries have data retention laws, which means that none of the data will be accessed by governmental institutions without the approval of the VPN provider. Fortunately, there were no cases with NordVPN or Cyberghost when any kind of data was forwarded to the police or other institution.

NordVPN 2:1 Cyberghost

Speed and connection stability

Cyberghost allows 7 simultaneous connections at a time – that is one extra compared to NordVPN. Some time ago, Cyberghost allowed only 5 connections at a time, but in order to stay competitive, they had two add a couple of simultaneous connections extra.

One of the biggest cons that we found while testing Cyberghost was the speeds. As we have our own testing logic, Cyberghost really disappointed us in the aspect of speed. NordVPN, who previously was not the fastest VPN provider for sure, currently has incredible speeds and can definitely compete with ExpressVPN (the fastest VPN) in some of the geos.

Below, you will find a table with speed test results for both of the VPN providers.

No VPN (Europe)

  • Ping: 6ms
    Download: 134.16 Mbps
    Upload: 89.91 Mbps

US Server (Los Angeles)Ping: 59ms
Download:86.11 Mbps
Upload: 48.13 Mbps
Ping: 231ms
Download: 14.21 Mbps
Upload: 9.03 Mbps
Asia server (Seoul)Ping: 63ms
Download: 48.13 Mbps
Upload: 18.81 Mbps
Ping: 81ms
Download: 31.00 Mbps
Upload: 19.72 Mbps
Europe server (Rome)Ping: 18ms
Download: 116.95 Mbps
Upload: 78.73 Mbps

Ping: 31ms
Download: 61.22 Mbps
Upload: 35.04 Mbps
Australian server (Sydney)Ping: 81ms
Download: 42.15 Mbps
Upload: 28.13 Mbps
Ping: 101ms
Download: 7.33 Mbps
Upload: 6.15 Mbps

NordVPN 3:1 Cyberghost


If you have read our complete NordVPN and Cyberghost reviews, you probably know that both VPN providers do support and allow torrenting with their client apps. However, we think that NordVPN is a better option to download any P2P files just because of speeds and encryption.

As you can see from the table above, there is a huge gap in terms of connection speeds and NordVPN is definitely the winner here. Basically, we think that NordVPN is a better torrenting option because of two reasons:

1) The Double VPN feature. as it was mentioned at the beginning of this article, the “Double VPN” feature can hide your internet activity behind two servers instead of one. As P2P file sharing is not the most legal thing, the feature makes torrenting twice safer than with a standard VPN connection. There can be slightly decreased speeds, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

By the way, here is one of our recent posts about fines and troubles you can get in while torrenting without a VPN service.

2) Improved speeds. If this test was completed a year ago, we wouldn’t be able to see the difference in terms of speeds. However, NordVPN really stepped up regarding the connection speeds and it truly is a great option for torrenting.

NordVPN 4:1 Cyberghost


netflix geo block
Most of the VPN providers fail to unblock various streaming services

Although most of the people pay the same amount of money to receive various streaming services, the libraries in each region/country might be different. Because of that, people are looking for ways on how to access American (or any other) Netflix library while not being in the US. Although many VPN providers claim to unblock various streaming services, NordVPN (& ExpressVPN, which is not mentioned in this comparison article) are the best options for that.

In short, NordVPN declares to unblock the biggest amount of streaming services around the world including Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Dazn and others. Cyberghost also declares that but we did not manage to access the most popular – American Netflix library. Maybe it was our testing methods (which we doubt), maybe some other issues, but it would be a big disappointment if you would purchase a VPN service to stream and it does not do the job.

Note: check the best VPN services for Netflix streaming.

NordVPN 5:1 Cyberghost

Customer support

In today’s competitive VPN market, it is important to have a very qualified, friendly, responsive customer support department besides the service itself. Where do NordVPN and Cyberghost stand, when it comes to customer support? Well, actually, both companies have extremely good customer support.

It happened so that both of the compared VPN providers have probably the best customer support in the market. They both offer 24/7 live chat + FAQ + email ticket options. On top of that, you can receive help not only in English but in German and French languages as well. Of course, German and French support agents are not available 24/7, but it is a superb feature for the non-English speaking folks.

The response time is great – we did not have to wait more than 10 seconds after our first message. There are no annoying chatbots and you get connected to a real person immediately. Because of that, we would like to give a point to both – Cyberghost and NordVPN for truly great customer support.

NordVPN 6:2 Cyberghost

Pricing, payment options & refund policies

How much could a service like Cyberghost or NordVPN possibly cost? Well, the opposite as ExpressVPN, these two providers are definitely affordable. Both VPN providers have a very similar pricing structure, so it is up to you to decide which subscription you should grab.

To begin with Cyberghost, the provider’s cheapest and best value plan (according to calculations) is $99 for 3 years ($2.75/mo). Their 2-year subscription can be purchased for $88.56 ($3.69/mo) and 1Y plan is available for $71.88 ($5.99/mo). It is worth to mention that their monthly plan is even more expensive than ExpressVPN’s – it can be purchased for $12.99, so it seems that Cyberghost is aiming to acquire users who are willing to stay longer.

Also, Cyberghost offers probably the longest money-back guarantee: you can refund your money within the first 45 days.

NordVPN’s monthly plan is available for $11.95. But, if you go for a 1-year plan, you will only pay $83.88 for 12 months, instead of paying $143.4. This would be the price if you choose to pay one month at a time. That is a 41% discount in total.

There is also a 2-year plan, which brings an even bigger discount, where you pay only $119.76 for two years. Instead of $286.80, which you would pay in total by purchasing only monthly plans. That is a 58% discount and an equivalent to paying $4.99 per month.

However, the best and the most valuable plan that NordVPN has to offer is their 3-year plan, where you pay $125.64 for three years. That is a 70% discount, which would cost you $3.49 on a monthly basis.

Although both VPN providers are relatively cheap, it is obvious that Cyberghost is a cheaper VPN provider so we must give an extra point to them.

NordVPN 6:3 Cyberghost


So to conclude, the final result is 6:3 and the winner is NordVPN. In terms of pricing, Cyberghost is definitely more affordable, but NordVPN took all the points in the main areas such as speeds, encryption, streaming. Of course, Cyberghost is definitely a TOP tier VPN provider with very good brand awareness, but NordVPN is more privacy and speed-oriented VPN provider and we do believe that it is worth paying just a little bit extra for the service.

Top 3 VPN's
  1. NordVPN ($3.49/mo)
  2. Surfshark ($1.99/mo)
  3. ExpressVPN ($8.32/mo)
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