NordVPN hacked?

nordvpn was hacked
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Today Techcrunch published an article stating that popular NordVPN was hacked and users’ data potentially exposed.

NordVPN always stated publicly that they are not keeping any logs or collect user data. There was also an external audit by PwC which confirmed that no user data are being used by any third party.

Such a statement that NordVPN was hacked also raises questions. Maybe it is another false accusation by their competitors? Or NordVPN has vulnerabilities that reached publicity?

The essence of VPN software is to provide an anonymous and secure connection to the internet. The installed VPN app will change your actual IP address and will route all requests through a private network. Millions of users are using such software so avoid being hacked on public Wi-Fi or open web content from restricted countries.

NordVPN in its official No-Log policy clearly states – “We don’t track, collect, or share your private data. It’s none of our business.”

NordVPN response?

But what response NordVPN has to the most recent accusation of being hacked?

Apparently one of NordVPN’s data centers was accessed in March 2018. “One of the data centers in Finland we are renting our servers from was accessed with no authorization,” replied NordVPN representative Laura Tyrell during an interview with TechCrunch.

In short, attacked has gained control over the data center yet there was no user data there which could have been at risk.

So NordVPN has confirmed that some vulnerability was discovered by the hackers.

What was done to avoid such attacks after that?

NordVPN has installed intrusion detection systems that manages to detect early attacks before they do any damage to the product or users.

Seems that other VPN providers have undergone similar security vulnerabilities yet nothing major was exposed or discovered in general

I firmly believe that the statement “NordVPN has confirmed being hacked” is a bit too much. There are no actual data expose or leakage – this was a minor danger on the data center side.

Of course, we shouldn’t always trust every VPN statement we see. But only actual security tests reveal true vulnerabilities. Not loud accusations.

I will keep you updated on this case!

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