Netflix VPN – 5 Best VPNs that work in 2020

netflix vpn for 2020 unveiled
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VPN always resonates with internet privacy and security. Although, around a third of the people are looking for Netflix VPN. Of course, it’s not an official VPN developed by a popular streaming company. People are looking for a VPN that could tackle geo-blocked Netflix libraries.

Also, while Netflix is increasing its subscription prices, with the help of a VPN it is possible to pay less for the same service. Here’s an example.

While reviewing various VPN providers, one of the main criteria is how well does the provider works with Netflix.

Also, it is important to mention that Netflix libraries (in terms of size) are different in each region. Below you’ll see a map with available libraries around the world:

netflix libraries

Doesn’t seem fair, right? So how to avoid these geo-restrictions and enjoy The Office shows (as an example, of course) from anywhere in the world? Here are a few very simple steps on how to watch US Netflix:

1) Get yourself a VPN subscription
2) Download a client depending on device/OS you use
3) Connect to a US server
4) Connect to Netflix and boom. You are able to see the full library.

There are lots of VPN providers who claim that they have a “Netflix VPN” service feature. Unfortunately, it is kind of a lie, and not every VPN provider offers a feature to enjoy US Netflix.

We did our own research to find out which VPN you should use to watch US Netflix without any issues. In short, here are our TOP 5 Netflix VPN choices in terms of pricing, speeds, encryption, and compatibility with the US content library:

#1 NordVPN – the best Netflix VPN
#2 Surfshark – the cheapest option
#3 ExpressVPN – best speeds
#4 Cyberghost
#5 Hotspot Shield

Best Netflix VPN for Netflix (May 2020 update)

#1 NordVPN – the best Netflix VPN

NordVPN focused on Netlix VPN feature for their customers
NordVPN works with all major streaming platforms

Rated #1 overall, NordVPN is also our favorite Netflix VPN. With its extremely vast server infrastructure and quality of the service, you are able to enjoy all Netflix libraries worldwide.

NordVPN is compatible with a huge variety of operating systems and devices: Windows (from Windows 7 and up), macOS, iOs, Android and Linux. While connected to NordVPN, you can use Double VPN or Onion over VPN features. Onion over VPN gives you all the advantages of The Onion Router combined with the extra security of a VPN tunnel. Double VPN simply means that your internet connection and history goes through two different servers. However, if you are willing to use the “Double VPN” feature you will not be able to watch any preferred content – it will simply lag.


Huge variety of servers and countries (5800+ servers in 60 countries)
Kill switch feature
No data logging at all
P2P (torrenting) is allowed
Unblocks Netflix US as well as other major streaming platforms
24/7 customer support (in English, German and French)
30-day money-back guarantee
Option to pay in BTC, ETH, TRX


Discounts are for longer subscriptions only
Has a limited amount of allowed simultaneous connections

NordVPN pricing starts from $3.49 a month for a 3-Y plan. We think that the pricing is truly decent for quality service like NordVPN. 

Or read our full review here.

#2 Surfshark – the best budget option

surfshark netflix
Surfshark is a great & cheap option for Netflix

Although Surfshark is a VPN market newcomer (founded in 2018), it truly is a premium service for a very good price. In our opinion, it is a great budget deal for people who want to watch American (or any other) Netflix libraries.

Surfshark completely bypasses geo-restrictions and works with all major streaming services including US Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer. However, their variety of servers and countries (800 servers in 50 countries) is a little bit poor at the moment. We believe that the number of different locations will soon improve.

Surfshark is working on every popular device and OS: Windows, macOS, iOs, Android, Linux and, of course, Android TV.

Surfshark is 100% worth the price. It is way cheaper than the biggest players such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN, but it does not yield any features. Great customer support, nice speeds and decent service which allows you to enjoy all the content you want.


 + No logs
 + Cheap
 + Unblocks US Netflix
+ Torrenting allowed
 + HackLock™ and BlindSearch™ features
 + Camouflage mode


 – 6 simultaneous connections
 – A small number of servers compared to competitors

Surfshark has three different plan options: 1 month, 1 year and 2-year subscriptions. 1 month plan costs $11.95, 1 year plan is $71.88 (5.99 USD/mo) and the 2 year package is available for $47.76 (1.99 USD/mo). 

Or read our full review here.

#3 ExpressVPN

expressvpn netflix
ExpressVPN – fast, secure and super easy to set-up

ExpressVPN does allow torrenting and offers users complete privacy with their no-logging policies. On top of that, ExpressVPN has a huge variety of US servers (94 different locations Worldwide) so you will be able to see any library you prefer.

It is also worth to mention that ExpressVPN is currently the fastest VPN in the market. That will allow you to stream and enjoy any content without lag or buffering, which is super important when you pay such price (starting $6.67/mo).


+ No logs
+ Huge number of servers and countries
+ Works with Netflix US
+ Very fast connection speeds
+ Kill switch
+ 24/7 customer support
+ Huge variety of supported devices


– Expensive
– No discounts and long plans


1-month plan can be purchased for $12.95, while their 1-year plan is $8.32/mo ($99.95/y).

Or read our full review here.

#4 Cyberghost

cyberghost netflix

As well as on our main VPN review, Cyberghost receives the 4th place on our best VPN for Netflix ranking. CyberGhost VPN is based in Romania which does not belong to 14-Eyes Alliance. This allows the company to ensure a strict no-logging policy – no data about your browsing activity is being kept in its storage.

This virtual private network offers a wide range of servers (more than 4000 to be exact) in 60 countries. Cyberghost also has desktop apps for Windows, macOS, Linux. Mobile apps for iOs and Android. As well as NordVPN, they offer browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox and on top of that. It is also a cool thing that they developed TV Apps for Amazon FireSticks and Android TV’S.

It is good streaming and torrenting orientated VPN provider with 0 logs policy. Big variety of client apps, server locations is truly an advantage and it will allow you to enjoy Netflix services


– No logs policy
– Works great with Netflix US and Torrenting
– No DNS leaks founded
– Cheap


 – Poor connection speeds
 – Bad and questionable reviews on the internet

Cyberghost cheapest and best value plan is $99 for 3 years ($2.75/mo). Their 2-year subscription can be purchased for $88.56 ($3.69/mo) and 1Y plan is available for $71.88 ($5.99/mo).

Or read our full review here.

#5 Hotspot Shield

hotspotshield netflix

Hotspot Shield VPN product family is one of those companies that do not hide their identities like NordVPN or ExpressVPN. In fact, I’ve met the founder of the company a year ago in their office in the Bay Area. It is an amazing company with a superb atmosphere. Most of the team is in the US but there is also a tech team in Ukraine.

Hotspot Shield is available for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. Furthermore, this VPN also has a Chrome browser extension yet I would not recommend it since there is a slight chance of DNS leaking.

If you are an advanced user and would like to set-up Hotspot Shield on devices such as Linux, routers or SmartTV – sadly, it’s not possible since there are no manual install guides.

HotSpot Shield is a decent option for Netflix. They have fast servers without any bandwidth limits, so you will be able to stream your favorite TV series with Hotspot Shield.

It is worth to mention that during our test 4 out of 5 tested servers unlocked the American Netflix, basically that was the reason why Hotspot Shield received a #5 spot on our ranking.


+ Very good speeds
+ Nice and intuitive interface
+ Has a free version


 – Expensive
 – Logging policy

Or read our full review here.

Top 3 VPN's
  1. NordVPN ($3.49/mo)
  2. Surfshark ($1.99/mo)
  3. ExpressVPN ($8.32/mo)
How to unblock Netflix with a VPN

1) Get yourself a VPN (we suggest NordVPN)
2) Download a client depending on the device you use
3) Connect to a US server
4) Connect to Netflix and boom. You are able to see the full library.

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