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holavpn review vpnroom
Hola VPN unblocks a variety of websites

About the company

The Hola VPN service is famous for being the world’s first community-powered virtual private network. In this Hola VPN review, you will find out some interesting details about the provider, as well as we’ll introduce you to the features you can get in its free and premium versions.

This is one of the most popular VPN services, with over 200 million users (as they declare to) worldwide.

The size of its user base is impressive for a company that has never spent a big amount of money on conventional marketing and instead relies on word of mouth organic growth. That is unusual! With its patented underlying technology, Hola offers its users free VPN for unblocking sites with good performance for free browsing and streaming, and a paid version for users looking for privacy, security and additional advanced features.


how to change your ip
HolaVPN changes your IP and encrypts browsing activities

Hola VPN uses Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technology as part of its VPN technology. The idea behind the P2P technology is that in addition to creating its own network of proxy servers across the world, Hola VPN routes traffic through other users on the network through peer-to-peer (P2P) connections. In return for having access to a full-featured VPN service, Users agree to share their idle resources and only when their computers are not in use. This does not mean that Hola VPN can access the users’ devices, it only means that it routes traffic through these devices. The amount of traffic that passes through a network peer on average per day is less than a single YouTube clip.

There are several options for those who like HolaVPN but prefer not to share their bandwidth with others. They have the option to upgrade to the paid version – Hola VPN PLUS. Subscribed users also get added privacy and security, unlimited HD streaming and more, as will be discussed below.

Users of the Hola VPN browser extensions (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera) don’t share their resources as well. Hola VPN’s unique technology makes it harder for governments or companies to detect and block the service.

Servers, Coverage, and Performance

VPN performance and speed depend on the geographical distance between the user and the target server. On top of its private servers, Hola technology helps it to effectively and fast route the data to and from the users. This is the only VPN service that effectively covers all the countries in the world, over 190 countries – more than many VPN providers in the market.

With its vast network, geographical distance is not a real issue anymore. For European servers, we received a range of encouraging results between 59-75Mbps. For the US servers results were also quite good as well with over 48Mbps. With this performance, we experienced no difficulties with streaming, including Netflix US which was unblocked by Hola VPN.

Features, Security, and Privacy

As we already mentioned at the beginning, Hola VPN offers two types of subscription: a free subscription – HOLA Free VPN – to unblock websites and enable free browsing from any location and to any website at high speed, and paid premium subscription – HOLA VPN Plus – that in addition provides security, privacy, and additional benefits and features.

With the free version, users can access any blocked website. We didn’t have any problems with popular streaming services such as Netflix US, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, BBC, and YouTube, and could easily unblock geo-restrictions with any website we tried.

Even the latest Disney Plus service was unblocked easily and fast. The user interface is simple and intuitive, and the user can change location when needed to overcome such restrictions in his country. To do that, users can toggle between countries by clicking on the country flag at the top of the screen to change the Hola VPN browser’s IP address.

As with any free software, Hola VPN does not offer the same benefits as Hola VPN PLUS. While the free Hola VPN primarily acts to remove geo-restrictions for websites, users who require a higher level of security can subscribe to Hola VPN PLUS which makes use of the industry top standard IKEv2/IPSEC with AES 256-bit encryption with Kill switch support.

Hola VPN collects users’ logs. Logs are collected for the purpose of improving their service, crime prevention, and network abuse prevention. Keeping logs could be seen as a point of concern, however, this actually works to the contrary and helps to keep cybercriminals and any illegal activity away from the Hola network and protect Hola community users as it is pretty specific.


Hola is unique in the fact that it provides a free version that works and unblocks any site without any limitation. For privacy savvy, the premium version is available. Users have the option to subscribe for additional features: support of up to 10 devices (more than other leading services), privacy, security and no resource sharing. Hola VPN PLUS currently offers the best value plan of $2.99 per month for three years (billed every three years). Other options include:

All of the above plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee which is ideal for users who like to test the service before they commit to a long-term subscription.

hola vpn pricing
HolaVPN pricing

Installation and supported devices

Visitors to the Hola VPN home site will easily navigate to the installation page where they can either download the free version (no sign-in is required) or subscribe to Hola VPN PLUS.

The installation is easy and does not require any advanced technical knowledge. The software takes around 1-2 minutes to install and anyone who has installed applications before will be able to navigate the prompts.

Users who want to make use of the Hola VPN PLUS service can either create an account or use their existing accounts on Google or Facebook to sign up.

Hola VPN can be installed as A browser extension to Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer (no resource sharing);

An application for Windows and Mac.

An app on Android and iOS (for IOS there is only a subscription version);
The PLUS membership can be used on up to 10 devices – including Smart TVs, gaming consoles and routers – by signing in to on each device.;

Hola VPN currently supports the following platforms:

Windows: Win 8 and higher

Mac: OS 10.11 and higher

iOS: iOS version 8.0 and higher

Android: version 5 and higher

Website and support

Hola VPN’s website offers an extensive FAQ section that addresses basic questions about the service but also offers troubleshooting and technical support. Users who require additional help can contact the service through email or an online support form.

The FAQ section offers help on anything from optimizing streaming services such as Netflix to improving the speed of their Hola VPN PLUS service.


The Hola VPN app is intuitive, practical, and reliable. It is the first community-based VPN service and its users enjoy free of charge, free of ads unblocking VPN at excellent speeds. Subscribed users get, in addition, state of the art privacy, security and don’t need to share their resources for a great 3 yr deal one of the most attractive ones in the market.

For the most objective review of Hola VPN, it just enough to read Hola VPN users are saying about it. For example on Chrome Web Store, they have 5 stars! with over 340,000 ratings and on Google Play store, they have 4.5 stars and over 1.15 million ratings! No doubt its millions of users certainly show they love the service and happy with it.

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