Free VPN does not exist. And Here’s Why.

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Never trust a free VPN - they are selling your data 2020

We’re used to having free mobile apps and we can find plenty of free VPN services on the App Store. But App developers are not building those products for fun. They need to get paid. So the free version of the app, can’t be free at all, right?

With free mobile games or regular apps, it’s very straightforward – free versions have loads of ads. This might be annoying, but hey – you don’t pay a penny for that game!

By downloading a free app you agree with a list of requests from the app developer. Usually they ask for your usage data so that you could receive the ads. Also your profile would be shared with the advertiser.

But what about VPN apps? They are supposed to keep you anonymous on the web. Here’s a few reasons why you should never use a free VPN.

Free VPN sells your data to advertisers

VPN service development and maintenance costs thousands of dollars every month for the founders. First of all, you have to keep infrastructure in place – hundreds of servers across the globe. Then you have people working in customer support, and they all have to be paid.

To believe that an actual free VPN app exists is just silly.

The providers come up with creative ways how to monetize their app. And the most profitable way is to sell Your data to the advertisers.

Advertisers, on the other hand, uses this data to create your online profile, start targeted ad campaigns, and so on.

VPN apps that collect user logs (and trust me, all the free ones do), has more information about you than Google. When you are using the VPN, all the traffic, not just internet browser, is being routed through the App.

Which means that free VPN app even collects your logs from your favourite running app. Why you should be careful with this?

If you are using VPN for torrents, it’s very easy to break the law unconsciously. You can never tell which content on the internet is illegal to download. And if you do break the law, government can easily trace you even if you have your VPN turned on. Remember, the only good VPN is the one that does not keep any logs!

Just have a look at the case with PureVPN case with logs and law enforcement.

We encourage you not to participate in illegal activities on the web, regardless if you are using a VPN or not. But if you choose to use a VPN online, you should avoid every VPN that has data logging present.

HolaVPN case

Very popular VPN free with more than 150 million users. People are using this VPN to unblock Netflix and other entertainment content. Too bad they didn’t know that Hola was using their internet bandwidth as proxies for web scraping.

That proxy service for web scraping is called Luminati. This does not necessarily mean that this is illegal, just the majority of the users were not aware of this.

Reliable free VPN apps

But there is a bright side too. Some trustworthy companies actually have a free VPN. How? They have both paid and free versions of the app.

Free versions do have some limitations, usually you have a limited bandwidth. For example, 50 GBs per month. This should be OK if you need a VPN just sometimes and not looking for a VPN to unblock Netflix for example.

Also, free VPN from a reliable provider might have some limitations on countries. So with free version you will get 5-10 countries, and once you want to increase that number – you have to subscribe to a paid version.

I really like this way of approach. This is the right way of how VPN companies should attract their customers and monetize the app. Not through some shady deals with advertisers or other 3rd parties.

If you are looking for the best free VPN, read our Top Free VPN list!

Top 3 VPN's
  1. NordVPN ($3.49/mo)
  2. Surfshark ($1.99/mo)
  3. ExpressVPN ($8.32/mo)
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