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Last updated on: January 18th, 2020
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ExpressVPN is definitely one the most hyped VPNs out there… They (the company) claim to have a VPN which simply “works”, provides super high-speed and finally, claims that Express VPN is the #1 in the world. But is it true? Read our honest ExpressVPN review to find out.

[add_schema name=”ExpressVPN” price=”12.95″ rating=”4.8″]

I was curious to know just how better the Express actually is: is it worth paying way more (compared to NordVPN, which is rated as the best VPN service) just to have #1 VPN in the world? Does ExpressVPN provide access to American Netflix or BBC streaming services? What about security and encryption? Does Express VPN allow torrenting?

Let’s take a deep look at ExpressVPN and see if this is truly the best VPN in the world.

About the company

There truly is a very limited amount of information about ExpressVPN as a company. We’ve read their privacy policies but found almost no information at all. From what they say, ExpressVPN’s mission is to keep internet users’ information private and secure. From what they say, ExpressVPN’s headquarters and registered place of business is in the British Virgin Islands. 

The BVI (as well as Panama or Romania) has no data retention laws, and any legal order requiring a BVI company to disclose customer records must come from the BVI Supreme Court. From the general practice, it is nearly impossible for any government institutions to get their hands on data when the company is registered and operated in the British Virgin Islands. Also, ExpressVPN states that they do not collect any IP addresses, browsing history or traffic data.

By the way, more information about the 5-9-14 Eyes Surveillance Alliance can be found here.

Our ExpressVPN review is summarized in the table below (to all the busy people)

Overall position#2
Logging policies?Strict no-log
Location?British Virgin Islands
Encryption protocolsIPSec & IKEv2 and 256-bit AES/OpenVPN 
Customer support24/7, via email & live chat 
Unblocks US Netflix?Yes
Money back guarantee?30 days
Option to pay with cryptocurrencies?Yes, by Bitcoin
Cost$8.32 – $12.95/mo


ExpressVPN is equipped with more than 3000 servers across 94 countries and supports all the major platforms. A large number of servers is the main advantage of this particular VPN. This allows you to have anonymous IP, up to 5 simultaneous connections and the cherry on top – it enables Netflix streaming. We truly think that the variety of available servers is one of the reason why ExpressVPN has such nice connection speeds.

It’s rather impossible to beat Express VPN in terms of infrastructure, as the only couple of other VPNs provide this kind of coverage. 

ExpressVPN also has AES-256 encryption protocol, no logging when it comes to the privacy policy and also unlimited data and bandwidth usage.

ExpressVPN works on all major platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire, Nook, routers, Playstation

Natively supported platforms: All of the above, plus Chromebook, Windows Phone, Proxy service (not VPN) available for game consoles, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Boxee

Kill switch is present too, which means that ExpressVPN will automatically kill any browser or software you’ve been using in case the connection drops. Only a few VPN providers have this feature, but honestly, it is extremely useful. Especially if you are an often visitor of the dark/deep web.

In other words – you are always protected.


As mentioned earlier, ExpressVPN has a military-grade 256 bit AES encryption protocol which is indeed strong encryption for your secure internet.

To be more exact, AES aka Advanced Encryption Standard removes even the slightest chance of a brute force attack meaning that other sorts of attacks are also eliminated.

It might sound like a rocket since when discussing technical details of AES encryption protocol but keep in mind that both FBI & CIA uses this protocol to secure their precious data.

I can firmly state that ExpressVPN takes great care of your security and you can rely on this product. The provider did not have any scandals, braches or data leaks, which makes this service extremely trustworthy.

When it comes to VPN security, VPN tunnels also play a big part. As an industry-standard, most VPN providers use OpenVPN as the default connection method (which is the most secure at the moment). But ExpressVPN decided to allow L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, and SSTP protocols which might be useful for some more advanced users. Those users can take great advantage since it lets you establish a connection that is adjusted for your specific requirements.

If you are still doubting whether ExpressVPN provides security for you to be able to use public Wi-Fi – I say it does, you should not worry about any security-related issues.

ExpressVPN Speed

VPN speed is an essential element for the majority of users. After all, if VPN diminishes your comfort when using almighty internet – this is a VPN to avoid, folks.

And there is nothing better to asses VPN speed capacity than run multiple tests + use it on daily browsing activities.

For this ExpressVPN review, I’ve been using the service daily for one and a half weeks. During this time I haven’t encountered even a single connection issue. Youtube, Netflix, and other high-bandwidth consuming services were running smoothly at 4K, while the mobile connection was smooth and stable.

However, these are just dry sentences. Let’s get geekier with numbers:

Testing device – Apple MacBook Pro

Internet connection – WiFi

Location – Netherlands, Europe

The result without a VPN connection on – download 68 Mbps, Upload 18 Mbps with 4 ms ping

With ExpressVPN, speed dropped just slightly to 61 Mbps download, Upload was 12 Mbps with 21ms ping

As you can already tell, download speed dropped just a bit and that is super rare, as most of the VPN providers (e.g. Cyberghost) have drastic speed drops once connected to the service.

I’ve run multiple tests during the days to ensure the highest accuracy of results and got similar results, so it was not a one day hitter. 🙂

The results I received while testing ExpressVPN speeds make me confirm that ExpressVPN has great speed and a very stable connection. You can definitely rely on the service if you want to stream movies in HD or download files in private.

Streaming services

There is a large customer base in the VPN community with a requirement for various streaming services. The most popular is undoubtedly Netflix US which offers different content depending on the country.

During days, not only VPNs are becoming faster and smarter but so does Netflix algorithms so it’s becoming difficult to find a reliable VPN that can support this feature. 

During in-depth Netflix testing, I’ve noticed that almost every ExpressVPN server unlocks Netflix. Even though ExpressVPN is rated #3 in our best VPN for Netflix section, it definitely does the job and you can access any Netflix library around the world. The provider received 3rd place mostly because of its pricing, as it is way more expensive than its rivals (NordVPN, Surfshark).

Torrents + ExpressVPN

In one sentence – ExpressVPN allows torrenting together with file sharing.

I’ve done some torrent downloads with ExpressVPN, it worked great, speed was great so having in mind that this VPN has secure encryption on top – it’s clear that ExpressVPN is your go-to VPN when torrenting is needed. It might seem natural that VPNs should provide privacy and security, therefore torrents have to be allowed but some competitors like TunnelBear have stated – No torrenting allowed.

In the torrenting category, ExpressVPN wins.

TOR Support

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Another hot topic after torrenting is a TOR browser and its compatibility with a VPN. 

Originally TOR was created for a single mission – to make browsing anonymous.

And secure.

The TOR browser itself brings you anonymity as your connection requests are being encrypted across multiple servers. Also, your data is being layered (like an onion) therefore, it’s almost impossible to track down your location.

But security concerned users do recommend to incorporate a VPN on top of a TOR browser. This way you maximize your privacy and eliminate any chance of security leak.

Now to access the TOR network, just download their official browser, launch it and head straight to expressobutiolem.onion. Enjoy 100% anonymous internet.


ExpressVPN always resonates with premium pricing and that is actually true. It’s one of the most expensive VPNs we’ve tested. 

The cheapest deal you can get (and most popular offer) is 6.67 USD per month.

There are no pricing plans for longer periods of time like NordVPN which has a 3 – year plan. But having in mind that ExpressVPN provides military-grade protection, doesn’t discourage you from torrenting or file sharing – it’s a fair price to pay.

dPb1 TXj9AI9Mcs6EIHJkdQBnDBhA1F4Hikk pFgDvxaxLfwJ17o wuBINdlPo9LqLyWVnE6oS0HH1H

Customer support

When you spend 80 USD per year for a VPN, you expect to be treated special – dedicated 24/7 live chat and email support is a must. And you get all this with ExpressVPN. 

During testing weeks, I’ve contacted the support team multiple times using both live chat and email. The support team responded every time within seconds! At first, I thought it was automated messages but it wasn’t. There is a possibility to beat ExpressVPN support – winner in this category for sure!

T5l5QgPVm KCeAQzJMD8Ck7 U9GmMO0NGmY n8lKOoVXan 2yvwkd30vN1PIAyedq21 H3mbZEB
ExpressVPN live chat

This literally took less than 5 seconds.


The ultimate question to answer – do I recommend ExpressVPN to keep you private on the internet? YES, ExpressVPN is definitely the TOP2 VPN that exists at the moment. Of course, the price is above average, but remember that you are getting extra perks for that. If you do want to stay truly anonymous on the web, you should get ExpressVPN.


Rated: #3 out of 42 VPNs

Pros of ExpressVPN
  • No-logging policy
  • Safe jurisdiction
  • Very fast connection
  • Loads of servers
  • Unlocks Netflix
  • Great Customer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Has dedicated apps for most devices, and browser extensions for others
Cons of ExpressVPN
  • Bit expensive
  • Not transparent company
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