Dashlane VPN review – please stick to passwords

dashlane vpn review
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Dashlane VPN comes with a Premium subscription only

Dashlane is one of the top password managers in the market. Yet they decided to add a VPN inside their product to reach more customers. But should you trust a company that focuses on passwords and not VPNs?

In this review, we’re focusing on their VPN offering. Of course, it will cover password manager features too.

The ultimate question to answer: Is Dashlane VPN as awesome as their password manager?

Dashlane humble beginnings

Your password is too short! Your password is invalid! You can’t use the same password as before!

We’ve all been there. Creating and remembering passwords is a truly painful activity. Especially when you read about passwords recommendations online. They say that passwords have to be complex, using special characters. But most importantly, you should create a brand new password for every unique account that you have.

Let’s be honest, there is no chance that we will follow these guidelines. It’s just not possible!

And this is the place where Dashlane and other password managers step in. Dashlane, OnePassword, LastPass – all of those companies are solving this pain of creating and remembering passwords.

Dashlane was launched back in 2012, so they are not some new company. But in reality, passwords managers became trendy just in few recent years.

This is simply because online privacy became a huge concern for millions of internet users. The same reason why so many people started using a VPN too.

Let’s have a quick look at how password manager works before we jump to the Dashlane VPN review.

Dashlane password manager features

Basically, Dashlane does what you expect from a password manager. It creates passwords and autofill your data when logging in.

Dashlane operates in the app on all major platforms or a browser add-on.

Despite most basic features, Dashlane also evaluates password strength, securely stores your notes, looks for weak passwords and so on.

dashlane vpn review
Dashlane has a great user experience

Dashlane also has the Vault feature built-in its product. This feature stores other confidential information of the user. For example, credit/debit card details, purchase receipts, other important documents.

This is a must-have application for everyone that uses internet. Seriously, reliable passwords are essential if you want to avoid account breaches.

Do you know what is the best part about Dashlane? They have a free version. So you can start protecting yourself without investing money first.

Of course, the free version has certain limitations. For example, you will only be able to share passwords with 5 accounts. And, VPN will not be available for you.

Let’s jump straight to the VPN part, as this is the main focus of this review.

Dashlane VPN – brilliant addon

First things first. Dashlane VPN is not a stand-alone product.

So you can’t download and Dashlane VPN without their password manager. And it makes sense, VPN is not their main product. Adding this additional security feature, Dashlane seeks to attract more customers.

And for many users, 2 products in 1 sounds great. At the same price you are getting 2 products, you don’t need to switch between apps to make sure that you are browsing safely.

I think the same. If some provider will be able to combine those two must-have online privacy tools – I would be glad to buy that bundle.

Image result for dashlane vpn

But for now, this is not the case. If you just want to hear the verdict, here it is:

Dashlane is an amazing password manager. But Dashlane VPN is still miles away from premium secure VPN.

Let me explain why.

Dashlane VPN made by HotspotShield?

With every premium VPN, you are able to choose from a variety of countries and servers. Now with Dashlane VPN, you are getting just the most basic options.

Dashlane has only 20+ countries. Of course, it’s more than enough for many users, but we’re comparing this VPN to industry leaders like NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

Very important point – Dashlane VPN technology is provided by a company called AnchorFree (note: AnchorFree was renamed to Pango.co just recently). And if you don’t know, AnchorFree are the founders of HotspotShield VPN – on the oldest VPN providers.

This signals us two things: 1. Dashlane VPN technology is well-built since AnchorFree knows how to build VPNs with 15+ years of experience. 2. AnchorFree is a member of the 14-eyes alliance, meaning that your browsing data can be exposed if some legal authorities ask for it.

So yes, something positive and something negative about having AnchorFree as their technology provider.

We’ve also looked at their privacy claims on their website. Here’s a quote:

“The only information tracked is technical information related to your VPN connection, in order to maintain performance and stability.


This sounds pretty ok. But again, keep in mind, that your information is still being logged. You can read their FAQ for more insights.

Dashlane VPN pricing – is it worth it?

As mentioned before, you can’t get just Dashlane VPN alone. You have to buy a premium subscription of Dashlane Password Manager.

Here are the pricing plans:

dashlane vpn pricing
Dashlane has only 2 pricing plans

Ok, only 2 pricing plans: Free and Premium. If you are choosing premium, the only option with a VPN, then you are paying as low as 3.33 USD per month.

To be honest, this is bargain. At this price tag, it’s almost impossible to find even a VPN service. Budget provider like Surfshark is offering their subscription at 1.99 USD per month.

So regarding the value, this is truly a great offer if you are looking for an awesome password manager in the first place.

Dashlane VPN verdict

Few things are clear – Dashlane is a great password manager, not so awesome VPN, but an amazing bundle for this price tag.

The recommendation is pretty easy with this one. Ask yourself: do I need military-grade VPN privacy or I just want to add extra security on public Wi-Fi.

If the answer is just extra privacy on public Wi-Fi, then sure, Dashlane is an amazing option. Don’t forget that other password managers do not offer VPN feature at all.

But if you are looking for a full-package VPN and military-grade privacy, then look at other VPN providers.

Our own favorites for full privacy and protection are NordVPN and ExpressVPN. Here is full comparison between them – NordVPN vs ExpressVPN.

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