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best vpn for android
We recommend using a VPN on your Android device

What is the best VPN for Android and do you really need it? The most common mistake that internet users make is that they protect themselves only while using their computers. Your mobile phone can be damaged in the same way as your computer. On top, most of people nowadays have lots of private information in their hand-devices, such as credit card information, passwords, pictures or other private files.

How to protect your phone while you browse the internet? Simple! Always have a safe VPN connection. If you are not familiar with what a VPN is, you can read our full VPN guide.

Today we want to quickly brief you about the best VPN services available for Android. Due to May 2019 data, there are more than 2.5 billion Android users in the World and probably only a very smart piece of it thinks about their phone security.
Here are a few reasons why you should get a VPN for your Android phone:

+ Stay anonymous while browsing on a Wi-Fi or on mobile data
+ Hide your IP address
+ Bypass GEO restrictions
+ …and many more.

Best VPN for Android

#1 ExpressVPN – best VPN for Android

expressvpn android
ExpressVPN Android app

ExpressVPN is based in The British Virgin Islands (BVI). As well as Panama or Romania, the country has no data retention laws, and any legal order requiring a BVI company to disclose customer records must come from the BVI Supreme Court. From the general practice, it is nearly impossible for any government institutions to get their hands on data when the company is registered and operated in the British Virgin Islands.

ExpressVPN has more than 3000 servers across 94 countries and supports all the major platforms including Android. A large number of servers and great connection speeds is the main advantage of this particular VPN. By the way, ExpressVPN Android app allows up to 5 simultaneous connections (less by one compared to NordVPN

The price of ExpressVPN for Android is way above average. Their pricing starts at $8.32 per month for a yearly subscription (billed $99.95 yearly), but remember that you are getting extra perks for that. If you do want to stay truly anonymous on the web, you should get ExpressVPN.

Visit ExpressVPN or read our full review here.
ExpressVPN Google Playstore link.

#2 NordVPN – fast and reliable

Android 02
NordVPN Android app

As NordVPN received a number one spot on our overall ranking, it is our top pick for Android devices as well. We already wrote that NordVPN has an incredible selection of various servers, but that is definitely not it. In combination with military-grade encryption, it is the best VPN option currently available for Android.

NordVPN has Double VPN and Onion over VPN features. Onion over VPN gives you all the advantages of The Onion Router combined with the extra security of a VPN tunnel. Double VPN simply means that your internet connection history goes through two different servers. That gives you extremely good encryption but at the same time, your connection speed might drop two times or even more.

It is also super important to know that NordVPN does not keep any user logs. The only data NordVPN asks about users is their email address, username, and payment information for billing. You can even pay with cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, TRX), which is extremely important for cautious internet users.

NordVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee and a free trial option for Android users. That allows you to try the service with zero-risk before you make a decision to commit to the provider or not.

Their pricing starts from $3.49 and we do believe that the price is totally worth the service.

Visit NordVPN or read our full review here.
NordVPN Google Playstore link

#3 Surfshark – wallet-friendly VPN for Android

surfshark android
Surfshark Android app

Surfshark is our TOP3 choice for Android because of a few reasons: it is cheap, fast, easy to use and most importantly – reliable. Although SurfShark is a newcomer in the VPN industry (founded in 2018), it already earned lots of respect from other players and customers. 

Surfshark uses the most popular IKEv2/IPsec and OpenVPN protocols as well as the big part of VPN providers. The provider has more than 50+ countries and can offer you a very stable connection on Wi-Fi or mobile data.

We can honestly say that Surfshark service is 100% worth the price (starting $1.99 monthly for 2-years plan). It is way cheaper than the biggest players such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN, but it does not yield with any features and is a must app for your Android device.

Visit Surfshark or read our full review here.
Surfshark Google Playstore link.

#4 Cyberghost – still struggles to reach the TOP3

cyberghost android
Cyberghost Android app

Cyberghost was created 8 years ago when a team of tech people in Germany developed a VPN solution and quickly got traction. In 2016 Cybeghost got acquired by Kape Technologies for 9.1 million EUR ($10.13 M USD) and was moved to Romania (which does not fall under 14 eyes jurisdiction). The company declares to have 30M active users across the globe. 

Straight out the box, it has all the top-tier VPN stuff – AES 256-bit encryption, OpenVPN connection packed together with IPSec protocols and many more features. The most important thing in this review, that Cyberghost has a client for Android which is fully compatible with all mobile devices/tablets.

Although it is a nice service, it really lacks good connection speeds. Also, sometimes connections can be unstable, especially when you are switching between Wi-Fi to mobile data or the opposite.

Cyberghost pricing is also decent – you can get their 3Y plan for as low as $2.75 a month (billed $99.00 every three years). They also have a 45-day money-back guarantee, so you can fully test out the product before making your final decision.

Visit Cyberghost or read our full review here.
Cyberghost Google Play store link.

#5 Hotspot Shield – good option for Android

hotspotshield android
Hotspot Shield Android app

Anhorfree – the actual name of the whole company, was the first VPN provider is operating successfully for over 12 years. 650 million app installs – that’s a serious figure not seen in their competition before.

Hotspot Shield VPN uses AES 265-bit encryption which is an industry-standard to secure your web traffic. Also, to secure your data, it uses a key-agreement protocol that continuously switched your encryption key. This means that even if your encryption key gets discovered, your data will remain secure after that. 

This is the best part of Hotspot Shield. It’s actually one of the fastest VPNs out there due to Hydra Catapult protocol which was built for speed. We did not faced any connection interruptions and the speed was nice as well (you can check speeds we had in our full Hotspot Shield review).

It is a pretty nice and easy-to-use service, however, there are two times cheaper alternatives like SurfShark or Cyberghost VPN.

Visit Hotspot Shield or read our full review here.
Hotspot Shield Google Play link.

Top 3 VPN's
  1. NordVPN ($3.49/mo)
  2. Surfshark ($1.99/mo)
  3. ExpressVPN ($8.32/mo)
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