There are lots of torrent websites on the internet, but which ones are reliable and have the biggest library of downloadable files? Which ones have the best downloading speeds? We’ll try to quickly guide you through the best torrent sites currently available.

We did the research on our own and below you’ll find a list of the best torrent sites in terms of:

– Download speeds
– Variety of files
– Reliability (no malware, annoying pop-ups, etc.)

It is also worth to mention that we always encourage people to download or use any kind of services legally – by paying to its creator. However, if you do download torrents, make sure you do it safely by using a VPN. You can take a look at our recommended VPN providers as well.

#1 1337x

According to Torrent Freak’s blogpost back in 2018, 1337X was the third most used torrent website during that year. Founded in 2007, it was nearly as popular as KickassTorrents after 9 years in 2016. As usual nowadays, 1337x is banned from Google and other search engines and you cannot find it through search. 

However, after our deep internet forum and community researches we found a few perfectly working 1337X mirror sites: (main site)

#2 The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is probably the best-known name when it comes to torrent sites. It was founded back in 2003 by Swedish guys which were founded guilty in 2009. Lots of countries even had ordered ISP’s to block The Pirate Bay, however, people were still able to access it by using different proxies and mirror domains.

At current times, there are lots of different mirrors available as well, so you can freely look for your favorite content/games/music in these The Pirate Bay mirrors: (fastest)


Torrentz was found in 2003 the same as The Pirate Bay. It was created as a metasearch engine for uTorrent client.

Such companies as Paramount Pictures sent lots of complaints to Google and other search engines to remove from their search results. In the end, the whole domain was suspended in 2014 May. It has operated more than 13 years before it finally was closed and had a message “Torrent will always love you” on their homepage. A good thing is that there are lots of mirror sites created as an alternative to Here are the best torrent sites if you’d like to visit

#4 Kickass torrents

Kickass torrents are one of the oldest and most known torrent download sites in the World. Due to the information they provide, there are more than 12 million different torrent files that you can search and download. They have four main torrent categories such as Movies, TV, Games, and Music. 

Another cool thing is that Kickass torrents have a super active community and you can even submit requests for specific torrent files.
We think that Kickass torrents are doing a really good job serving the internet community with the content they desire.
Here are all working Kickass Torrents mirror sites: (fastest)

#5 RARBG torrent site

RARBG is a little bit different from other Torrent sites, as they mostly specialize in video content: tv shows & movies. You can also find games or various software apps, but if you are looking for high-quality video content – RARBG torrent site is definitely the right place for you.

It is worth to mention that RARBG is blocked in a few countries: Ireland, Italy, Finland, United Kingdom, Australia. If you live in one of these countries, you will need a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions. Our VPN recommendations can be found HERE. (main site)

These were our TOP5 picks for the best torrent sites. However, there are lots of good and quality torrent websites. Here is our recommended torrent site list: