Avast SecureLine VPN Review

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avast vpn review
Avast VPN

To begin our Avast SecureLine VPN review, it is worth mentioning that the service is powered by HideMyAss! VPN, as HMA was acquired by the Avast group. Avast Secureline is still one of a few VPN providers that offer a free trial (e.g. NordVPN or Surfshark has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so that is not the same, of course). You can try Avast for 7 days or if you are sure about your decision – you can go directly to the “normal” version. Is it worth it? We will try to answer with our Avast SecureLine review.

About the company

The company itself (Avast SecureLine) was founded in 2014 and the provider is based in central Europe – the Czech Republic, it’s capital Prague. There is nothing much we can find about the company, except the fact that there are more than 1.5 thousand people working in the corporation. Here is their LinkedIn profile.

Screen Shot 2019 12 17 at 19.11.47
Avast LinkedIn profile

Encryption and logging policies

One of the first questions that come up to people’s minds when looking for a reliable VPN provider is “Does it log user activity?”. In the Avast SecureLine case, it is pretty hard to answer the question straight forward. As almost all of the VPN providers, Avast says that they do not log or anyhow record user browsing or other internet activity history. Here is a quote from their privacy policy:

“We do not store details of, or monitor, the websites you connect to when using our VPN service.”

The quote is ok, however, this is the sentence that every VPN provider keeps repeating, but the reality might be different. If you would continue to read their policies, the session logging paragraph says: 

“Avast SecureLine VPN will log a timestamp and IP address when you connect and disconnect to our VPN service, the amount of data transmitted (up- and download) during your session together with the IP address of the individual VPN server used by you.”

… and it does not sound okay.

As we already wrote in our Hotspot Shield review (we’re mentioning Hotspot, as it is in a very similar situation as well), a VPN provider which logs your internet history should not be trusted for anything except accessing restricted content. Does it by-pass various restrictions for Netflix, Disney+ and other streaming services? We’ll cover that just a little bit later.

Avast SecureLine is using a strong and standard 256-bit AES encryption which you can rely on (it is also used by NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and all the biggest market players). We did not found any DNS leaks, so it means that the encryption is decent and you should not be afraid of any hackers while on public Wi-Fi at least. 🙂

App clients and servers

Avast SecureLine is not a big VPN provider in terms of their server infrastructure. Compared to NordVPN (5384 servers in 59 locations) or ExpressVPN (3000+ servers in 160 locations) it looks “pretty” small: 55 locations in 33 countries. Unfortunately, Avast SecureLine does not disclose their actual number of servers so we can only guess. 

It is worth to mention the Avast VPN website is pretty difficult and tricky – we were not able to find the information fast, as we had to wander around until we found the information about servers, as an example.

Talking about the supported devices, Avast SecureLine VPN runs on five major operating systems: iOs, Android, macOS, Windows and Android TV’s. The provider also allows you five simultaneous connections at a time, so you can log-in to every different device you have. 🙂

Customer support

Good customer support is definitely a major thing that every VPN provider must-have. Avast VPN customer support is a little bit different than we are used to and one of the reasons is that you can actually call their customer support via your phone. 

Screen Shot 2019 12 19 at 20.17.57
Avast VPN has a physical number you can call

Is it responsive? Well, it is. If you ever called your bank customer support, the flow is kind of the same. You get a few options to choose from depending on what kind of issues/questions you have. We found this quite unusual and phone support is definitely a huge step forward in terms of customer support

There are also more alternatives, of course. The provider still has the regular email ticket option as well as you can contact them through social media platforms.

It is worth mentioning that they have a really nice FAQ page with very detailed guides. There is information prepared regarding these matters:

Avast SecureLine VPN installation & activation
Refund request
Subscription & Account
Sales & Billing


As we mentioned at the beginning of the Avast SecureLine VPN review, there are basically two options users have before committing to a VPN provider. The first one, which is completely risk-free is the 7-day free trial option. You can download the client and use it without any problems for a week. The second option is the premium version (which has a 30-day money-back guarantee). An interesting thing we noticed is that Avast does not offer any monthly plans, so you get to choose only from 1, 2 or 3-year plans. Here is the current pricing:

1 Year – $59.99 ($4.99/mo)
2 Year – $109.99 ($4.58/mo)
3 Year – $159.99 ($4.44/mo)

As you can see, the product is not the cheapest one, e.g. our #1 rated NordVPN costs $3.49 mo., while Surfshark can be bought for $1.99.


If you’d ask us do we recommend buying and using Avast SecureLine VPN, the answer is no. The reasons are quite simple – first of all, the VPN provider is based in the 14-eyes Surveillance Alliance and it means that Avast VPN does hold some of your logs.

Another important reason which we did not mention earlier in the review – Avast does not work with Netflix. We tried a few US servers and the provider does not unblock full library. That is a big issue, as a big part of the VPN community uses this software only to stream their favorite content.

We also think that their pricing policy is not the best one. Yes, they do have a 7-day free trial, but $159.99 for 3 years of VPN service is definitely a lot.

One of the best things is their customer support, but that is basically it.

Here are our Avast SecureLine VPN alternatives.

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