Our Mission

VPN comparison's where you can search, find, and read unbiased VPN provider reviews

There are many reviews sites on the internet – however, each of them is different. Some of them are owned by VPN providers (that’s true), some of them have biased reviews because of various commercial reasons. VPNroom.com is a VPN comparison site where you can search, find, and read unbiased VPN provider reviews. We do not accept any paid reviews, as we decide which VPN providers are worth reviewing and which ones are not.

Our team is pretty small – two friends decided to use their knowledge and to educate people when questions come into cybersecurity. We have a few freelancers that we hire to produce the content on a daily basis, however, all of the researches are done by us: Marcel and David. We both finished software engineering studies in Glasgow University and afterwards decided to start a small project besides our actual jobs.

marcel deniau



Marcel is one of the co-founders that started vpnroom.com almost half a year ago. Currently working as a software engineer in London, he is responsible for the technical part of the site as well as on updating the reviews and information on the website.

david piccio



David is a guy responsible for all the published content on the website. Although he finished software engineering studies, he is currently working as a marketing analyst in London. Most of the VPN reviews are written by him.

Want to Connect?

Sure! You can always reach out to Marcel, who is our representative when it comes to answering VPN user questions. Feel free to contact him via email – [email protected]. Also, you can send us any comments or thoughts regarding our reviews – if the information is correct, we will definitely update our content.